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How to get your Life & Health License

5 August 2014

Follow these steps to get licensed:

  1. Sign up for training course: (select life & health 52 hr combo with ethics).
  2. Enter the following codes:
    Referral Code: HM83430
    Discount Code: FBTHANKYOU95
  3. Get your certificate once you complete 52 hours.
  4. Go to and create an account.
  5. Register for your test
    1. Select organization: Government/State Licensing Agencies 
    2. Select jurisdiction: CA PSI Site – Life, Accident and Health Agent Examination (Life Agent)
    3. Select account: CA Department of Insurance
    4. Pay for the exam $78.00
    5. Fill in personal information
  6. Find a test date at the home page on the right side of the website.
  7. Enter zip code and select preferred test site.
  8. Pass your test & wait for your license number granted by state (takes at least 1 month, but can take up to 3 months).
  9. Get your fingerprints done after the test.
  10. Call DOI if you have not received your license number after one month.

Alternative way to schedule an exam:

Call (877) 950-0270 or (800) 780-2113. Tell them that you would like to schedule an exam, and they will help you from there.

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