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Financial Services

Financial Services

Welcome to Finanstra, a financial services company backed with over 100 years of combined experience. Finanstra is dedicated to providing full service personal & business insurance needs. We strive at educating our clients about finances, savings, insurance and retirement.

Finanstra, was founded by business owners who have experienced the growing pains of a start up, navigated the ups and downs of the market, and built successful multi million dollar companies. We’re here to help protect your assets and grow your wealth through the use of guaranteed insurance products.

We specialize in utilizing the IRS codes 831b and 7702 in your favor, providing total asset protection while growing your money tax free, without any principle risk.

Finanstra executives believe there are hidden gems in the women emerging from the millennium generation and is currently expanding its agency to build a Women’s & Wealth division dedicated to educating and empowering women.


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